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NPCs is a type of actor object that can wear armor or clothing, or appear in the Leveled NPC lists. They can all engage in dialogue, and can all be pickpocketed. The Player character is a special case NPC, driven by player input instead of by an AI routine.

NPC Window[edit | edit source]

  • ID: Form ID of the object
  • Name: Display name for the object
  • Script: Active script for all references of this object. Select the elipses marks (...) to edit or view the script.
  • Dialogue Button: Opens a window that shows all dialogue this creature might say.
  • Preview Full: Mark this box to see a rendered preview of the whole body of the NPC to the right of the tabs.
  • Preview Head: Mark this box to see a rendered preview of just the face and head of the NPC to the right of the tabs.

Template Data[edit | edit source]

Each checkbox corresponds to a tab on the creature. If checked, the creature gets it's data for that tab from the creature specified in the ActorBase field.

  • Base Data does not include the Quest Item, No Knockdowns, No VATS Melee, Is CharGen Face Preset, or Can Be All Races flags.
  • Use Model/Animation includes the Blood, Sounds, and Destruction tabs.

Flags[edit | edit source]

Flag Function
Quest Item NPC updates more frequently. Dead body isn't removed when the cell regenerates.
Is CharGen Face Preset If checked, this face is available for the player to chose in Character Gen.
No Low Level Processing The NPC does not update its AI unless the player is in the same cell as it.
Essential The essential NPC in question never dies. No special message appears when interacted with while unconscious, and may still be looted.
No Knockdowns If checked, this NPC cannot be knocked down by any attack.
No VATS Melee The player cannot go into VATS with this NPC if he has a melee weapon equipped.
Respawn References of this NPC in the world will be recreated after three days.
Can be all races Allows the actor's race to be changed later in the game. Used by Dad.

Tabs[edit | edit source]

For a description of the tabs to the right, select from below: