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AI Attributes[edit | edit source]

Aggression[edit | edit source]

Governs when the actor will initiate combat. Select an aggression level from the drop-down list. Note that actors will never attack Friends or Allies.

Type Value Description
Unaggressive 0 Will not initiate combat.
Aggressive 1 Will attack Enemies on sight.
Very Aggressive 2 Will attack Enemies and Neutrals on sight.
Frenzied 3 Will attack anyone else. Cannot be set to be Friend or Ally to anyone. Will never form combat groups with any other actor. (This is mainly for use with creatures that can have their "brain" destroyed, but certain actors could be set up as Frenzied aggression level.)

Assistance[edit | edit source]

Governs whether the actor will assist Allies and Friends in combat. Select an assistance level from the drop-down list.

Type Value Description
Helps Nobody 0 Will not help anyone.
Helps Allies 1 Will only help Allies.
Helps Friends 2 Will help Friends and Allies.

Confidence[edit | edit source]

Governs how likely the actor will avoid or flee from threats.

Type Description
Foolhardy Will never flee or avoid anyone. (impossible for the threat ratio to be less than a confidence rating of 0)
Brave Will avoid/flee from threats only if severely outmatched.
Average Will avoid/flee from threats that are stronger than me.
Cautious Will avoid/flee from threats unless I am stronger than them.
Cowardly Will always avoid/flee. Cowardly actors NEVER engage in combat under any circumstances.

Energy[edit | edit source]

Range 0 - 100. Determines how often the actor moves to a new location when executing a Sandbox Package.

Responsibility[edit | edit source]

Not used.

Mood[edit | edit source]

Defines the actor's default facial expression, where applicable.

Aggro Radius Behavior[edit | edit source]

Check to enable. When a Neutral/Enemy enters the Aggro radius, the actor stops whatever he was doing and goes into Warn behavior, until the target leaves the radius or the actor goes into combat against the target. If the target remains in the radius too long, the creature will initiate combat. If the target moves to within half the aggro radius, the creature initiates combat immediately.

  • Aggro Radius: Distance value. Almost exactly like the Guard Radius on a Guard Package -- the actor will warn and then attack any Neutral or Enemy that comes within the Aggro Radius.

Autocalc Services[edit | edit source]

If this box is marked, the boxes are checked based on faction data. Otherwise, the individual boxes can be checked for the NPC. NPCs will buy anything, regardless of how these boxes are marked. However, they will only sell items that satisfy the conditions of these boxes. The Barter Gold is set by leveled item lists in the actor's inventory.