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ToggleCombatDebug will toggle a variety of combat-related debug text. The command has several options for what will be displayed (see Parameters below).

Syntax[edit | edit source]

ToggleCombatDebug [parameter]
TCD [parameter]

Examples[edit | edit source]

ToggleCombatDebug Cover    Debug geometry for cover locations will be toggled

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Text – Show floating text over combatants with some info
  • Cover – Show debug geometry for cover locations
  • Covertext – Show floating text over the cover locations with some info
  • Cover2/Coversearch – Show cover search debug geometry for the currently selected actor
  • Cover2text – Show floating text over the cover search locations of either type with some info
  • Cover3/Coversearch2 – Show secondary cover search debug geometry for the currently selected actor
  • Threats – Show debug geometry for combat threats
  • Groups – Tint actors according to their group
  • Targets – Draw arrows between all combatants and their targets
  • Search – Draw group search debug geometry for the currently selected actor
  • Guard – Show guard radius debug geometry
  • Cluster – Show cluster debug geometry
  • Color – Switch all text between black and white
  • Size – Change the size of all text by repeatedly calling this
  • Unreach/Unreachable – Show unreachable location debug geometry

Notes[edit | edit source]

Options can be permanently turned on or off with the following Custom.INI settings in the [Combat] section:

  • bDebugCombatCoverReservations
  • bDebugCombatCoverReservationsText
  • bDebugCombatCoverSearch
  • bDebugCombatCoverSearchText
  • bDebugCombatCoverSearch2
  • bDebugCombatThreats
  • bDebugCombatGroups
  • bDebugCombatTargets
  • bDebugCombatSearch
  • bDebugCombatGuardRadius
  • bDebugCombatGroupClusters
  • bDebugCombatAttackerText
  • bDebugCombatTextColorDark
  • fDebugCombatTextSize
  • bDebugCombatUnreachableLocations