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Description[edit | edit source]

Use the function to force a conversation between two NPCs, starting with a specified topic. When you call this function on an actor, the actor will seek out the target actor in order to have a conversation, no matter where the two NPCs are currently.

You can also use it to have an NPC "force greet" the player, by setting the player as the TargetActor. The specified topic will be used instead of the normal Greeting topic, so you can have the NPC start the dialogue with any topic you like (use Greeting if you simply want the normal greeting).

Syntax:[edit | edit source]

StartConversation TargetActor, TopicID 

Optional Parameters[edit | edit source]

[speaker location ref] - The Editor Reference ID for the speaker
[target location ref] - The Editor Reference ID for the target
[head track] - Enter 1 to enable head tracking during conversation. Enter 0 to disable.
[allow movement] - Enter 1 to enable movement during conversation. Enter 0 to disable.

Examples:[edit | edit source]

StartConversation Joe, SecretTopic 
StartConversation player, ForceGreetTopic 
StartConversation player, ForceGreetTopic ref.joe ref.player [headtrack=1] [allow movement=0]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If called on an NPC who is in combat with the player, the NPC won't start conversation with the chosen topic but with the GREETING topic.