Radio Stations

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Radio Stations[edit | edit source]

Talking Activators have a checkbox to mark them as radio stations. Each radio station has a separate base object, e.g. RadioEnclave, RadioGalaxyNews, etc.

Radio station references have a unique Broadcast Range Type.

Radio Station Dialogue & Music[edit | edit source]

Radios use dialogue from the "Radio" tab on the quest window. There is a default topic (RadioHello) which the code uses to start "radio conversations", similar to the way HELLO is used by the dialogue conversation system.

Radio stations generate conversations like normal dialogue conversations. Songs can be played simply by using the "Sound" dropdown on the info. This will play instead of the info's voice file.

Broadcast State[edit | edit source]

The broadcast state of a radio station can be set to on or off. The default state of a radio station is set using the "Continuous Broadcast" checkbox on the Talking Activator base object.

The broadcast state can be switched on and off using the SetBroadcastState script function.

Radios[edit | edit source]

Radios -- objects in the world that play a particular radio station -- are activators. You can select the radio station on the base object. They will automatically play the radio station when turned on.

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