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Talking Activators allow for objects like radios and intercoms to exist in the Fallout 3 world.

TalkingActivator Window[edit | edit source]

TalkingActivators can be found, created and edited from the Objects window under Actors.

  • ID: Unique identifier for this object.
  • Name: Display name.
  • Model: The name of the file assigned to this talking activator.
  • Script: Name of the script running on this object.
  • Voice Type: Type of voice used for this object when it runs dialogue.
  • Looping Sound: Sound that plays continuously for talking activator.
  • Add Destruction Data: To add destructible stages to the talking activator.
  • Dangerous: Not used? Marks whether this object is dangerous or not.
  • Radio Station: If checked, this talking activator will appear in the Radio Station dropdown list for Activator objects.
    • Cont. Broadcast: Default Broadcast State for the radio station. Checked = on.
      • When the broadcast state is on, the radio station continually generates new conversations -- as soon as one is over a new one is generated and played. As long as the player is within the station's radius, she will be able to tune in and hear the station.
      • When the broadcast state is off, the radio station still exists, but plays only static unless a conversation is manually generated (see StartRadioConversation).
    • Non-Pipboy: If this is ticked and the talking activator works as a radio broadcaster, the radio station will not be listed on the Pip-Boy and the player will not be able to access it. This is particularly useful for ambient radios, such as the music that plays in the casinos of Fallout: New Vegas.
  • On Local Map:
  • Quest Item: Not used, except to warn user in editor that item is a quest object before performing operations on it.
  • Random Anim Start: If checked, this object kicks off its idle animation at a random start time. This is so you can put a couple of the same animated activators in a scene and they won't be animating in synch.