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A Leveled Creature is a leveled list that will generate a creature based on the current level of the player. Leveled Creature objects cannot be placed in the world. They can only be used as a Template for another creature. That creature can be placed in the world, and will use the Leveled Creature object (or portions of it) to define itself.

When an actor defined by a leveled creature template is placed in the world, the reference shows as a generic marker instead. The GECK has no way to know what model to place, so it uses this marker. This reference can have data on it as well.

Leveled Character Dialog[edit | edit source]

  • Calculate from all levels <= PC's level: If checked, the level list will use any actor at or below the player's level in the list. If not checked, it uses the closest actor or actors to the player's level, but not exceeding it.
  • Calculate for each item in count: If this list is in another leveled list with a count greater than zero, this check box determines if each item in the count is the same, or is recalculated.
  • Level: The selected actor's associated level is altered here. The level of the object used in the calculation with the Encounter Zone, player's level, and the check boxes. This level does not have to match the creature's actual level.
  • Count: Unused. Must always be 1.
  • Preview Calculated Result: Generates an example list of actors that this list might generate.
  • Preview level: The assumed level of the player for the Preview Calculated Result button.
  • Preview Count: The number of times the list should be generated for the Preview Calculated Result button.

Reference Dialog[edit | edit source]

There is a Leveled Actor tab on the reference.

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