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A base form exists the GECK Object Window, or inside a container (inventory). Base forms do not exist in the 3D world of the game, or the Render Window of the GECK, what is found here are references (instances) of a form:

  • The base form has the default characteristics of an object, such as appearance, base stats, etc. These are shared by all references (instances) of an object in the world, for example; all Nuka Cola look the same and have the same effect.
  • The reference contains active characteristics, such as world location, current stats, etc. For example, one reference is the Nuka Cola located on the bar in Goodsprings, and some other reference is the Nuka Cola located on the table in McCarren.

A base form may be stored in a Ref Variable if desired, but beware that this does not make it a reference, hence attempting to use it as the Calling reference to a function will fail.