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A function included in the GECK version


AddItemToLeveledList adds a form to a Leveled Item list. This should be used in the RARE case where we want to add an item to a Leveled Item list that already exists in the ESM. Its primary use is for modifying lists from the base game in downloadable content. In most cases you should add items to form lists in the editor object windows. This is for those special cases where you want to alter the contents of a list at runtime or want to change it without putting it in your ESP/ESM file. Once altered using this function, it will persist in the save game data.

It can not be undone.


AddItemToLeveledList LeveledItem ObjectToAdd iLevel:int iCount:int fHealthPercent100:float


AddItemToLeveledList ClutterMilitaryValue CoolMilitaryTech 20 3 .60

When an item is pulled from ClutterMilitaryValue list, at level 20, three CoolMilitaryTech objects will appear, each at 60% health (Fallout 3 only, see below).

Fallout: New Vegas

The syntax for this function remains mostly unchanged from Fallout 3. However, the fHealthPercent100 variable now accepts values from 0 to 100, rather than from 0 to 1. This means that for the above example, the three CoolMilitaryTech objects would be found at 0.6% health, not 60% health.

AddItemToLeveledList ClutterMilitaryValue CoolMilitaryTech 20 3 60

This line would correctly set the health of the objects to 60%.


  • ObjectToAdd parameter can be a baseobject or a leveled item list
  • This function is new in the GECK, and was not available in the TES4 Construction Set.

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