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A function added by the New Vegas Script Extender.


Added by NVSE V4. Whilst a specified condition is met, the code section below, until the loop command, will repeat. Within while loops, the command continue may be used to skip remaining loop code and return to the while line. In the same context, the command break may be used to end the loop immediately, regardless of the while condition.

The same effect could be achieved using label, goto, if and endif statements, but this method allows for fewer lines and improved readability. Care must be taken to avoid the possibility of infinite loops- a while condition that never becomes false will immediately crash the game.


while Condition:expression


while SomeCondition  ; * this is similar to an 'if' statement
    ; do something
loop ; * this is similar to an 'endif' statement

The code below will print the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to the console:

int iCount
let iCount := 0      ; * 'set iCount to 0...'

while iCount < 5     ; * 'if iCount is less than 5...'
    let iCount += 1  ; * 'add 1 to iCount...'
    Print $iCount    ; * 'then print it to the console...'
loop                 ; * 'then go back to the while line.'

The code below will print the numbers 1 and 3 to the console. The number 2 is skipped due to the continue, whilst numbers 4 and 5 are skipped because of the break.

set iCount to 0
while iCount < 5
    let iCount += 1
    if iCount == 2
        continue ; go back to the loop start
    elseif iCount == 4
        break ; end the loop immediately
    Print $iCount

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