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The main menu includes a set of buttons as shortcuts for commonly used functions from the menus.

General Buttons[edit | edit source]

  • Jbrowne IconVersionControl.jpeg Version Control
  • Jbrowne IconLoad.jpeg Load Master/Plugin files
  • Jbrowne IconSave.jpeg Save
  • Jbrowne IconPreferences.jpeg Preferences
  • Jbrowne IconUndo.jpeg Undo
  • Jbrowne IconRedo.jpeg Redo
  • Jbrowne IconToggleGrid.jpeg Toggle Grid
  • Jbrowne IconSnapGrid.jpeg Snap to Grid
  • Jbrowne IconSnapAngle.jpeg Snap to Angle
  • Jbrowne IconHeightmap.jpeg World (Heightmap) Editing
  • Jbrowne IconLandscape.jpeg Landscape Editing
  • Jbrowne IconHavok.jpeg Run Havok Sim
  • Jbrowne IconLights.jpeg Brighten Lights
  • Jbrowne IconSky.jpeg Enable Sky
  • Jbrowne IconLeaves.jpeg Enable Leaves
  • Jbrowne IconDialogue.jpeg Filtered Dialogue
  • Jbrowne IconScripts.jpeg Scripts

NavMesh Buttons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nav Mesh
  • Jbrowne IconNavmeshEditing.jpeg NavMesh Editing: Toggles NavMesh mode

The following icons are from the Navmesh Toolbar:
Jbrowne IconNavmeshToolBar.jpeg

  • Jbrowne IconSelectTriangle.jpeg Select Triangles: Allows user to select Triangles in the navmesh.
  • Jbrowne IconSelectVertex.jpeg Select Vertices: Allows user to select Vertices in the navmesh.
  • Jbrowne IconSelectEdge.jpeg Select Edges: Allows user to select Edges in the navmesh.
  • Jbrowne IconViewNormal.jpeg Standard View Mode: Navmesh is displayed normally.
  • Jbrowne IconViewTransparent.jpeg Transparent View Mode: Navmesh is displayed as transparent, making it easier to see the navmesh while editing.
  • Jbrowne IconViewNavmeshOnly.jpeg Navmesh Only View Mode: Hides everything except the navmesh. Useful for finding any errors in the navmesh.
  • Jbrowne IconTestPath.jpeg Test Pathfinding: Must be in Triangle Select Mode to use this. Right Click on a triangle and then Right Click on another triangle. A colored path is created showing you the path an actor would take.
  • Jbrowne IconBalanceOptimization.jpeg Balance for Optimization: Flips and creates edges that simplify the navmesh (useful for getting rid of "spider webbing"). Be sure to check your navmesh for errors afterwards, sometimes this command gives unwanted results.
  • Jbrowne IconFindCover.jpeg Find Cover Edges for Current Cell: Finds cover in all navmeshes in the loaded cell.
  • Jbrowne IconFinalize.jpeg Finalize Current Cell's Navmeshes: Finalizes loaded cell's navmeshes.
  • Jbrowne IconOpenNavmeshMode01.jpeg Open Navmesh Generation Dialog:
  • Jbrowne IconOpenNavmeshMode02.jpeg Open Advanced Navmesh Generation Dialog:
  • Jbrowne IconFloodFill.jpeg Flood Fill: Select a triangle on a navmesh and click this icon to select all triangles in the navmesh.
  • Jbrowne IconInverseFloodFill.jpeg Inverse Flood Fill: Select a triangle on a navmesh and click this icon. All triangles NOT on the same navmesh as the selected triangle will be selected.
  • Jbrowne IconDeleteSelectedObject.jpeg Delete Selected Object:
  • Jbrowne IconDeselect.jpeg Deselect:
  • Jbrowne IconCutSelectedObject.jpeg Cut Selected Object: Select an Object by holding CTRL-ALT and then Left Clicking on the object. Pressing this icon after a selection has been made will attempt to cut the navmesh around that object. Results may vary and it might be easier to cut the navmesh by hand instead.
  • Jbrowne IconFindTriangle.jpeg Find Triangle: Brings up the Select Triangle dialog.
  • Jbrowne IconCreateTriangle.jpeg Create Triangle/Quad: Creates a triangle when three vertices are selected (or a quad if four vertices are selected).
  • Jbrowne IconDropVertices.jpeg Drop Vertices: Drops selected vertices to the ground.
  • Jbrowne IconEdgeRotate.jpeg Edge Rotate: Rotates a selected edge. Useful for when you want to change the shape of a triangle or get rid of "spider webbing".
  • Jbrowne IconEditCover.jpeg Edit Cover for Edge: Brings up the Edge Cover dialog only if the selected edge is on the edge of a navmesh. The dialog will not come up if the edge is found inside the navmesh because you cannot have cover on an internal edge.
  • Jbrowne IconMergeVertices.jpeg Merge Vertices: Merges selected vertices.
  • Jbrowne IconToggleWater.jpeg Toggle Water: Select the triangles you want to set as water and press this icon. The triangles should change color.
  • Jbrowne IconTogglePreferredPathing.jpeg Toggle Preferred Pathing: Select the triangles you want to set as preferred and press this icon. The triangles should change color.

Level Design Buttons[edit | edit source]

  • Jbrowne IconCreateCubicActivator.jpeg Create a cubic activator: Helps build a cube-shaped trigger.
  • Jbrowne IconCreateCubicMultibound.jpeg Create a cubic multibound: Helps build a cube-shaped multibound for scenegraph culling.
  • Jbrowne IconCreateSphericalMultibound.jpeg Create a spherical multibound: Allows user to create a sphere-shaped multibound for scenegraph culling.
  • Jbrowne IconOcclusionPlane.jpeg Create an occlusion plane: Allows user to place an occlusion plane for scenegraph culling.
  • Jbrowne IconJoinBreakPlanes.jpeg Join or break planes:
  • Jbrowne IconRoomMarker.jpeg Create a room:
  • Jbrowne IconPortalMode.jpeg Toggle Portal Mode
  • Jbrowne IconDrawPortal.jpeg Draw a portal:
  • Jbrowne IconPortalLink.jpeg Link portal to room:
  • Jbrowne IconPortalBreak.jpeg Detach portal from room:

Sound Design Buttons[edit | edit source]

  • Jbrowne IconSoundEditor.jpeg Create a sound editor:
  • Jbrowne IconAcousticSpace.jpeg Creat an accoustic Space:

Collision Buttons[edit | edit source]

  • Jbrowne IconCollisionPlane.jpeg Create a collision plane:
  • Jbrowne IconCollisionBox.jpeg Create a collision box:
  • Jbrowne IconCollisionSphere.jpeg Create a collision sphere: