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It's not very wiki-like. I'm not sure how to wikify it, whilst still keeping the authors of the tips in the article. Of course, feel free to edit, change, and mash up the article. --Daedalus 02:17, 13 December 2008 (UTC)

For good reasons, there's no way for this page to be wiki-fied. The most serious one first
  1. In general, you should get someone's permission before posting their work on the wiki. In this case, it should be fine - it's obvious IrOnTaxi doesn't mind and Joel better not mind (:P). It's a little murkier with Melcid Eater of Tacos - 'e didn't give permission, but it was already posted in the thread so 'e probably won't mind.
  2. The information on this page really belongs on other pages - I haven't had a chance to figure out where, though :P On the Oblivion CS wiki, we had a Tidbits category that served as a "staging" area for information that should be wiki-fied. We'll probably add a similar category here, and then you can point to the thread as one of interest.
  3. This page will probably be deleted because it adds sprawl. The CS wiki suffers from this greatly (happened before anyone really watched over it) so answers to simple questions could be in the Questions category, or the Answers category, or Solutions or Useful Code, etc. Generally, people would give up looking and so never get the answer.
--Haama 07:33, 13 December 2008 (UTC)