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Keyboard shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Function Shortcut
Undo Ctrl-Z
Redo Ctrl-Y
Cut (Render Window) Ctrl-X
Copy (Render Window) Ctrl-C
Paste (Render Window) Ctrl-V
Paste in Place (Render Window) Ctrl-Shift-V
Duplicate Ctrl-D
Find Ctrl-F
Find Next F3
Find Prev F2
Save Ctrl-S

Render Window Keyboard Shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Function Shortcut
Markers M
Light Radius (shows volume affected by light source) L
Wireframe W
Bright Light A
Sky Y
Collision Geometry F4
Reload current cell or quad if in exterior (does not clear changes) F5
Center Isometrically C
Center on Top T
Landscape Editing H
Show Texture Info (while Landscape Editing) I
Drop Item to Floor F
Mouse Zoom V
Scale S
Display Exterior Cell Borders B
Clip Objects (Show only Landscape) Shift+C
Toggle Water Shift+W
Move Individual Havok Shape (works on dead actors, Havok Sim must be on) Ctrl+Alt
Move along X axis X
Move along Y axis Y
Move along Z axis Z

Also see the GECK Keyboard Mapping for more shortcuts