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These control codes can be inserted into messages, terminals and dialogue, and indicate the keys necessary to perform a certain activity. These can be prefixed by "&-" to append button, or "p&-" to prepend Press and append button.


  • sUActnForward displays W (on the default keyboard layout).
  • &-sUActnForward displays W button.
  • p&-sUActnForward displays Press W button.
Control Code Function
sUActnAutomove Auto Move
sUActnCrouch Sneak
sUActnRdyitem Ready Weapon
sUActnQuick1 Quick1
sUActnQuick2 Quick2
sUActnQuick3 Quick3
sUActnQuick4 Quick4
sUActnQuick5 Quick5
sUActnQuick6 Quick6
sUActnQuick7 Quick7
sUActnQuick8 Quick8
sUActnForward Forward
sUActnTogglerun Always Run
sUActnQuickmenu Quick Menu
sUActnTogglepov Change View
sUActnActivate Activate
sUActnSldright Slide Right
sUActnBlock Block
sUActnSldleft Slide Left
sUActnCast Cast
sUActnBack Back
sUActnGrab Grab
sUActnJump Jump
sUActnMenumode PipBoy
sUActnRestmenu Wait
sUActnQuickload QuickLoad
sUActnQuicksave QuickSave
sUActnUse Attack
sUActnRun Run
sUActnVats VATS

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