Quest Data Tab

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  • Quest Name: The name of the quest as it will appear in the player's quest list.
  • Priority: Dialogue is assigned by priority. The dialogue for higher priority quests will take precedence over the dialogue of lower priority quests.
  • Script: Quest scripts run continuously while the quest is running. By default, they process every 5 seconds, but this can be altered for each quest using the Script Processing Delay (see below).
  • Start Game Enabled: If this box is checked, the quest is running at the beginning of the game. Otherwise, it will not start running until the StartQuest, SetStage, or SetObjectiveDisplayed commands are used.
  • Allow Repeated Conversation Topics: If this box is unchecked, conversations will never use the same topic twice (in the same conversation). Check this box for quests that have scripted conversations that require the same topic to be used repeatedly.
  • Allow Repeated Stages: If this box is checked, a journal entry will be displayed (and quest stage results run) every time SetStage is called for a particular stage number. Otherwise, SetStage has no effect after it is called the first time for any stage.
  • Script Processing Delay: If Default is checked, the quest's script will process using the INI setting (every 5 seconds). This can be overridden here, or by using SetQuestDelay.
  • Quest Icon: Unused.
  • Quest Conditions: Any conditions here are considered to apply to all dialogue in the quest. The quest conditions are checked first; only if those are true are the conditions on the infos evaluated.
  • View Filtered Dialogue Window: Brings up the filtered dialogue window, filtered on the selected quest.
  • Recompile All Results: All results scripts (on the selected quest) are recompiled. This is a useful debugging tool.
  • View All Results Scripts: Brings up a window which shows all of the quest's infos that have result scripts on them.
  • Export Quest Dialogue: Exports all the quest's dialogue to a file.
  • Calculate Voice Assets: Evaluates (using the same process as the export) how many actual audio files are used by the quest.