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Notes are a type of Item that are placeable in the world like any item, but when the player picks it up, it will automatically be placed in the player's Pip-Boy as a note.

Notes Dialog[edit | edit source]

In the Object Window, expand Items and select Note. Right-click in the Editor ID list to the right and select "New" from the context menu that pops up to display the Note window:

  • Name: The display name.
  • ID: The object identifier. Cannot include any spaces or special characters and must be unique.
  • Model: Filename for the 3D art (.NIF) used to display the item in the world. This is a field common to most items.
  • Note Type: Notes are one of three things: text, an image, or a sound (with a graphic).
    • Sound: To select a sound file.
    • Image: To select an image (texture).
    • Text: To write the text to display. The Note Data field is used to hold the text.
    • Voice: To select the topic.
  • Owner Quest: The quest(s) the note belongs to. Right-click the window and select "New" from the context menu to bring up Quest list.