NavMesh Draw Mode

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Draw Modes[edit | edit source]

zBethOffice01 w/Normal View
zBethOffice01 w/Overlay View
zBethOffice01 w/Navmesh Only View
zBethOffice01 w/Cover Draw
  • From the NavMesh drop down menu the control NavMesh Draw Mode sets the draw mode for the NavMeshes. There are three states, click multiple times to cycle between modes. The draw modes can also be cycled through by pressing the W key.
  • The NavMesh can also be viewed in game. To view the navmesh in bring up the console type TNM this will toggle the navmesh on and off. You can also pass a parameter TNM 0 turns off, TNM 1 shows standard, TNM 2 shows as an overlay, TNM 3 shows a combined overlay and standard for an X-Ray like view.

Normal[edit | edit source]

  • Default mode on startup.
  • This mode draws all the navmesh objects in their normal space and z sorting.
  • Useful for a quick look, and to see if the mesh is underneath or inside of world geometry.

Overlay[edit | edit source]

  • This mode draws the navmesh on top of the rest of the world objects, ignoring z order.
  • This mode is very useful for most editing as you can see and easily select the whole mesh.
  • It can however be disorienting, especially in multi-leveled cases, zoom in and rotate around the area you want to work with.

NavMesh Only[edit | edit source]

  • This mode only draws the navmesh.
  • This is useful for fine tuning of the mesh once the general form or the navmesh is know.
  • This view is usually most useful when using Pathing_Tests.

Draw Cover[edit | edit source]

  • From the NavMesh drop down menu the Draw Cover option toggles an advanced draw mode for cover.
  • Cover edges will be drawn as geometry as high as the cover value specifies.
  • Black boxes are drawn on either side of the cover edge to show if that side is open.
  • A white color is max cover height and may draw taller than the ceiling of the area it is in, this is normal, it means that the cover here is a wall and can’t be used to as crouch regardless of height.
  • When Select Edge is on and draw cover mode is set when hovering over a cover edge the edge with disappear so the edge can be seen and manipulated more easily.