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How to[edit | edit source]

Parts of the GECK menu used related to Visibility

Creating Cubic Activators[edit | edit source]

To create a cubic activator, select Cubic Activator button, then click on either an object or landscape. Dragging the mouse will scale the box in the XY plane until the mouse button is released, at which point the box can be scaled along the Z axis. A further mouse click finalizes the box and opens a dialog in which the activator's properties can be determined.

Creating Cubic MultiBounds[edit | edit source]

Similarly to creating cubic activators, click Cubic Multibound button and draw a box.

Creating Spherical MultiBounds[edit | edit source]

Spherical Multibound button creates spherical multibounds and, with the exception of only supporting uniform scale and thus requiring only one mouse dragging operation, creating spheres is identical to creating boxes.

Creating Occlusion Planes[edit | edit source]

Occlusion Plane button again functions similarly to the cubic primitive creation buttons; the initial mouse dragging operation scales along the X axis.

Joining Planes[edit | edit source]

There are two ways in which occlusion planes can be joined. One occlusion plane can be spawned from another by grabbing the first plane's scale handle and holding down the 'alt' key while dragging. A second way is to use Join Planes button, which joins selected occlusion planes at their nearest edges. This button can also be used to break the connection between two selected occlusion planes.

Creating Rooms[edit | edit source]

To create rooms, click Cubic Room button and draw a box.

Creating Portals[edit | edit source]

Portals can only be created in "Portal Mode" and with a parent room selected. To enter "Portal Mode," click Portal Mode button or use keyboard shortcut ctrl-P. Then, click Portal button and draw a plane.

Note that if you enter portal mode without a room selected, you can select portals (and only portals) but not create them.

Joining Portals to Rooms[edit | edit source]

One of a portal's room links is established when it is created. The other can be dynamically set or unset. Selecting a portal and a second room and pressing Join Portal button will establish a link between the two and align both properly with the portal's initial parent. After that, the portal can only be moved along the face separating the two rooms.

Selecting a single portal and pressing Join Portal button will remove its second linked room.

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