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A conversation is a series of infos that are played between two actors. All random conversations use infos stored in topics on this tab.

You can create new conversation topic as you need them. There are some important default conversation topics which you will need to understand in order to add dialogue to the random conversation system:

  • HELLO: All random conversations start with a HELLO. The starting HELLO must have "Link From" left blank to indicate that it can start a conversation.
  • GOODBYE: By default, all random conversations will end with a GOODBYE unless they are ended by another info with the "Goodbye" flag checked. (Note that this topic is also used by NPCs when the player exits the dialogue menu. See Topics Tab.)

Building a Conversation[edit | edit source]

Use the Link To and Link From fields to build your conversation. For example, an info in HELLO would have its Link To field point to the LINE2 topic. The info in the LINE2 topic would in turn have HELLO topic in it's Link From field, and GOODBYE in the Link To field. Last, an info in the GOODBYE topic would have the LINE2 topic in it's Link From field. Using this method, you can make conversations as long or short as you want. You can setup more than one topic in the Link To field. This will force the game to select one of the Link To topics at random as the next conversation topic.

Note: Infos in conversations cannot have more than one response. Extra responses are ignored. This refers to the Response Text section only.