Camera Paths

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Camera Paths are a series of Camera Shots and the conditions under which they should be played. Shots can be dragged and dropped to the list or added by right-clicking and selecting new. Camera Paths are created/edited in the Camera Path Manager; To edit a path, select it in the tree on the left half of the dialog and edit its data in the fields to the right.

Camera Paths Dialog[edit | edit source]

  • Tree-view: New Camera Paths are added to the manager by right-clicking on an existing path and adding the new path as a child or sibling of the selected one. As with the Idle manager, the hierarchy is important here as a request to the manager returns the first, deepest path whose conditions are met. Paths can be arranged by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons below the tree.
  • ID: Editor identifier for Camera Path object.
  • Camera Shot List: The series of camera shots used in the path.
  • Conditions: Conditions under which a camera path should be played. See also GetVATSValue.