Batch Assignment

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The Batch Assignment tool is useful for quickly assigning various pieces of information to multiple objects at once. The batch assignment tool does not do anything that cannot already be done in the reference window, it only allows you to set certain things quickly, especially on multiple objects.
Select an object or group of objects, and press the "-" key. It should be noted that the "-" key on the numpad doesn't work, only the one on the standard section of the keyboard.

Common Uses[edit | edit source]

Some common uses for the Batch Assignment tool are:

  • Assign an enable parent to many objects at the same time.
  • Quickly set up patrols due to fewer button presses when assigning linked refs.
  • Quickly assign ownership of an area's contents to an NPC or faction

How to Use the Batch Assignment Tool[edit | edit source]

  • Select an object or group of objects
  • Press the "-" key
  • Choose the assignment type you want. Certain types of assignments will cause new relevant fields to appear.
  • Select the desired reference if the assignment type requires a reference.
  • Press the "Do" button