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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: Armor

Armor Dialog[edit | edit source]

  • ID:
  • Name: The name of the item as it appears in the game interface.
  • Script: Pulldown menu
  • Weight: The weight of the item.
  • Unlabeled pulldown: It shows Light or Heavy. No longer used.
  • Health: The number of hitpoints the item has. The more health, the slower an item will degrade.
  • AR: The Damage Reist (DR) value. It's the % of damage resisted.
  • Value: Monetary value in bottlecaps.
  • Object Effect: The object effect that will be applied to the actor when he wears this armor.
  • Add Destruction Data button:
  • Repair Item List: Form list of items that can be used to repair this object.
  • Equip Type: Specifies the type of item for the purpose of equipping it, holding or wearing, etc.
  • Biped Model List: Specifies a form list that contains the armor add-ons that are a part of this armor. When the armor is equipped, so are all the add-ons. However, since the armor add-ons are not placed in the inventory directly, they don't show up in the inventory screens. Add-ons do not contribute weight, health, armor rating, value, or scripts to the armor. They are only for 3D geometry.
  • Biped Object: What part of the body this armor covers.
  • Male: The list of icons and models used to display this object for male figures.
  • Female: The list of icons and models used to display this object for male figures. If any field is blank, it draws from the same item in the Male list. Therefore it is only necessary to specify the items that are unique to female figures, such as the Biped Model.
  • Ragdoll Constraint Template: Ragdoll Templates are a system of applying new Havok constraint and rigid body data to an existing skeleton. It's primary use is to modify the characteristics of the Ragdoll to reflect clothing or armor differences. Each armor piece and each character will be able to select a single Ragdoll template file. These files have the ".rdt" extension.


  • Quest Item: Quest items cannot be dropped from the player's inventory, and cannot be sold.
  • Playable: Items that are not playable do not show up in the player's inventory. He cannot wear them.
  • Power Armor: Checked if this item is power armor. Used for the Power Armor Training perk.
  • Modulates Voice: Checked if the item distorts the character's voice.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If an armor isn't assigned any Biped Objects, the GECK will give a warning when opening the plugin. However, armor without any Biped Objects assigned to it (e.g. tokens) seem to work fine in-game.