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An AnimObject is the glue between an idle animation and the object that it uses. When an actor is directed to use an idle animation that use an object, such as drinking from a glass, it will check the AnimObject to see which object to use. It is noted that some idles, such as SitTableChairEatA, use more than one object.

The AnimObject dialog can be found in G.E.C.K. under Miscellaneous->Anim Object, and the object nifs are usually placed in Meshes/AnimObject. Note that the meshes may be different from those found in other folders as they contain animation information, and are usually prefixed ao.

AnimObject Dialog[edit | edit source]

  • ID: The Editor ID for the AnimObject.
  • Model: Name of the file for the effect or model. Click the Edit button to bring up the Model Data window.
  • Idle Animation Folder: Name of the root folder where the Idle_Animations are played from
  • Idle Animation: Associated Idle Animation in the Idle Animations tree

Usage[edit | edit source]

Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: Anim Object