Active File

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The active file is the plugin to which all data is saved. A file is marked as the active file at load time in the Data dialog box. Simply highlight the file you wish to make active, and press the Set as Active button. At save time, the active file is the one that will be overwritten by any changes you have made. If there is no active file, a new file is created and it becomes the active file.

Notes on Active files:

  • You can only make a plug-in (esp) file active. You cannot save changes to a master file.
  • The active file is always loaded last in the editor, regardless of its file date. This guarantees that all the info and changes in the active file can be viewed without being overwritten by another plug-in.
  • If only an esm file is being loaded, an Active file does not have to be assigned. Any changes made to the master file will be saved as a new esp file, which the user will have to name. This new file will become the active file.