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View Menu[edit | edit source]

  • Toolbar: Toggles the toolbar
  • Status Bar: Toggles the status bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Render Window:Toggles the Render Window
  • Object Window: Toggles the Object Window
  • Cell View Window: Toggles the Cell View Window
  • Scene Info Window: Toggles the Scene Info Window
  • Open Windows: View list of open windows
  • Preview Window: Displays a window to preview objects selected in tree.
  • Show/Hide Window: Displays a set of checkboxes to toggle elements in the render window.
  • Reference Batch Action Window: Enables data changes to a collection of references.
  • Current Cell Only: Displays only the navmesh of the cell in focus. Only functions when editing navmesh.
  • Markers: Toggles markers in the Render Window
  • Light Markers: Toggles the markers used for light sources (typically a light bulb) in the Render Window
  • Sound Markers: Toggles the markers used for sound sources in the Render Window
  • Light Radius: Toggles display of light radius in the Render Window
  • Wireframe: Toggles between Wireframe and normal rendered view in the Render Window
  • Bright Light: Toggles Bright Light view in Render Window
  • Sky: Toggles the sky in the Render Window
  • Collision Geometry: Toggles Collision Geometry display in the Render Window
  • Leaves: Toggles leaves on or off in the Render Window
  • Trees: Toggles trees on or off in the Render Window
  • Occlusion Planes (U): Toggles display of occlusion surfaces
  • Change Perspective: Rotates through three perspective views (top, front, and left) of the selected object in the Render Window
  • Top view: Moves the camera to a top view of the selected object in the Render Window
  • Depth Biasing:

Many of the functions in the view menu are also available as shortcuts in the render window.

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