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 begin OnActivate 

This block will be run once when the scripted reference is activated.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Using OnActivate will prevent normal activation of the object. To use the object's default activation you must call Activate on it.
  • Animations on activators are carried out using PlayGroup. This is helpful if your activator has an animation associated with it.
  • If you want to do something specific depending on what activated the object, use IsActionRef or GetActionRef inside the OnActivate block. They won't return the correct ActionRef in any other block.
  • The activator type of object has NO default activation.
  • Locked doors, containers and books are activated a second time automatically when you open the lock or take the book. To find out when a door was unlocked, for example, you can wait for GetLocked == 0 in the OnActivate-block.
  • Clicking on items in inventory causes the onEquip block to run, not the onActivate block.
    • However, you can make an item run it's own onActivate block in the inventory menu (MenuMode 1008, MenuMode, onEquip, etc.) with Activate player, 1.
  • If you create an object and activate it in the same frame, its OnActivate block may not run. See PlaceAtMe more info.
  • OnActivate player will compile but act as OnActivate - meaning when an NPC activates the object its normal activation will be prevented. A common mistake.
  • If the player activates any object while sitting, then any failure to call Activate in the OnActivate block of that object will force the player to stand up. There is currently no way to allow the player to remain seated while activating an object that overrides the default activation.

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