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Here's a list of simple, easy things that you can do to improve the Wiki!

Ask Questions[edit source]

If you are reading a page and something doesn't make sense, click the Discussion button on the top of the page. There you will find the article's Talk page, and by asking a question there, you give us the opportunity to clarify and to fix the article.

Add Article Tags[edit source]

We have a list of Article Tags that you can use to mark articles within the Wiki. For handy reference, they're also included in the Toolkit, which you can find in your Navigation box. The toolkit provides a number of useful links for editing the Wiki.

Adding Article Tags notifies Wiki editors that something needs to be addressed about the article, and is a great, simple way to offer a huge amount of valuable information to the Wiki editors.

Describe Ineffective Searches[edit source]

If you spend a long time looking for something that you thought would be easy to look up, please say so! Explain what you were looking for, and where you looked for it. By doing so, you allow us to help the next person who looks for it in the same place! You can do this in the Talk page of the page where you finally found the information, or if you didn't find it, you can mention that in the Talk page of the appropriate Portal, or on the Community Portal.

Request New Articles[edit source]

If you discover that information you're looking for isn't on the Wiki, then Request it! By writing a detailed request, you allow the Wiki to bring in new information, information that the community needs and wants.

Vote on Featured Content Nominations[edit source]

The Articles Nominated to be Featured category is a list of articles that people think are great, and want to know what other people think. By sharing your thoughts on these articles, you can let us know if they're amazing, or if they need a little bit more work before they hit the limelight. Read them, and let us know what you think. Even if you know nothing on the subject, an article should strive to be understandable to all, and if there's anything that confuses you, that's extremely good to know! So let us know what you think!

Help Out a Portal[edit source]

Every Portal has a list of "Things You Can Do" - these are more simple things, specific to each portal, that you can do to help out. These are always appreciated!

Add Your Thoughts to the Community Portal[edit source]

The Community Portal is where decisions and discussions happen on the Wiki. Input in these discussions is very highly valued on the Wiki, and getting involved there is extremely important! This Wiki can only truly be a community endeavor if the community is involved, so please, add your thoughts to the discussions on the page, or feel free to start a new discussion!

Check for Vandalism[edit source]

If you have some free time, try checking out Recent Changes. You can see everything that's been changed recently; it's a great way to keep up with what's going on at the Wiki. While you're there, check the articles to make sure none have been vandalized - if any have, fixing it is a simple Revert away!

Get More Involved[edit source]

These suggestions are simple things that we hope any passing user would be willing to do. But if you want to get more involved in the Wiki, that's pretty simple too! Check out those Requested Articles, maybe you can start writing one! Or there's always the various tagged articles, fixing up a few of those is always helpful.

Or you can get involved in a specific Portal, planning out organization. Just start discussing things on the Talk pages, offering your ideas and comments.

Regardless, you should tell us a little about yourself on your User Page, and you should get involved in the Community Portal.