Creating Radio Stations

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This page is intended to help users in creating new radio stations, from getting it to show in the world to scripting help for playing random music.

Note: This is a guide to getting a fully functioning radio station up and running. If you need to just get a radio station to broadcast a looping sound a lot less effort is needed to get it to work.

Getting recognized[edit | edit source]

There are a lot of things you need to do just to get your radio station to show up in game.

  1. First you need to create a TalkingActivator
    • Start the ID name with 'Radio' to easily group it with other radio station.
    • Be sure to check the box 'Radio Station' and 'Cont. Broadcast'
    • Now select a model for your Activator, (GNR uses the model 'terminal01.nif')
  2. Next you need to put your TalkingActivator in the world. I suggest if you are going to have a physical presence in the game put the activator on your radio station building. Otherwise you can place it anywhere, I suggest you place it directly outside Vault 101, inside the side of the hill so as no strange graphics take place in the world and easier to locate.
    Locate your Activator on the 'Cell View' window and right click and press 'Edit'
    Navigate to the 'Radio Data' tab, Change the data to what you want. Explanations here
  3. Make a [Voice Type] for your radio station. This will save disk space, and make locating audio files easier which will be explained later. Example ID name MaleUniqueThreeDog
  4. Create a script to be used in checking for last played song and other things. For now just create a script with the following variables, we'll add on to it later.
    ScriptName Radio_Script
    short LastSongPlayed
    short LastSongPlayed2
    short LastSongPlayed3
    short LastSongPlayed4
    short LastGreeting
    short LastGreeting2
  5. Finally, create a Quest.
    • Attach the quest to your script.
    • On the Radio Tab you must add the RadioHello and the RadioGoodbye topics.

Radio Setup[edit | edit source]

Scripting Examples[edit | edit source]