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Perks are abilities received by players as they gain levels and play through the game. Or, instead of receiving a new Perk, the player may add a rank to an existing Perk, thereby increasing its effectiveness (if that Perk had more than one allowable rank).

Perk Dialog[edit | edit source]

  • ID: The label used to identify this object type. It must be unique among all IDs, forms and references.
  • Name: The display name for this perk.
  • Perk Icon: The name of the file that contains the perk icon graphic.
  • Trait: Fallout: New Vegas only. A check box that identifies this Perk as a Trait instead of a standard perk. A trait is selected at the time of character creation. A perk is selected during level advancement.
  • Playable: A check box that identifies (when checked) that the perk can be chosen by the player when leveling up.
  • Hidden: The perk does not show up in the user interface.
  • Level: The minimum player level where this perk becomes available.
  • Num Ranks: The total number of ranks available for this perk. Usually three, although there are perks that have only one rank.
  • Perk Descripton: The full, display description of the perk.
  • Conditions: Sets the conditions necessary to make this perk available for the player to choose after leveling. Usually these are actor value S.P.E.C.I.A.L. conditions, but they can use any condition function to create more complex conditions. Only conditions based on actor S.P.E.C.I.A.L. values will be displayed automatically by the interface.
  • Perk Entries: Each line describes the variations of the perk at different ranks. Double click on a line to edit it.
    • Rank: Number rank. Lower ranks are granted first.
    • Priority: Used to control order of operations when two perk entries affect the same values.
    • Type: Either quest, ability, or Entry Point. See Perk Entry for more information.
    • Data 1-4: Each Entry Point may have a number of parameters associated with it. These show up in the Data 1 - Data 4 fields. What the parameters are depends entirely on which Entry Point is selected.

Custom Perk Note[edit | edit source]

On Fallout 3 version 1.4 or older, games saved with mods installed (and given to the player) that add new Perks may crash the game when those save games are loaded without the necessary mod(s) installed. This was fixed in version 1.5 of FO3. If you know the FormId of the Perk, you can remove it from yourself using the console. Modders are strongly recommended to advise player to upgrade to newest version of Fallout 3 to avoid the crash; or implement some in-game means for players to remove perks from their character should they wish to uninstall while keeping older versions of FO3, as finding the FormIDs may be too complex a task for some.

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